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Group Benefits

Taking care of your Employee's is important, let us show you how we can help

Finding the right Employee Benefits for your business and culture can be difficult, but we are here to guide you to a solution that fits. We are unmatched at creating a program that meets the needs of your bottoms line and your employee's health.

Claim Issues and Audits

We work directly with employees and their families whenever there is a question about a claim. Whether it's a denial or just a high price, we can ensure claims are processed appropriately and negotiate costs downward at every opportunity.

Educational Meetings

We will be there to keep you and your employees educated. We spend time ensuring the benefits are fully understood to encourage optimum utilization for a healthy workforce.

Prescription Cost Research

While we certainly don't prescribe medications, we can give employees information on cheaper alternative drugs to explore with their doctor. We can also provide information on how to acquire prescriptions through mail order to capture cost savings. it's all about education.

Employee Benefits Booklet

The first step to ensuring that your employee's understand their benefits is clear communication. We customize employee benefit handbooks so that you can better utilize your benefits.

Escalated Issue Resolution

We hope you never need this. But, if you do, you'll be glad to have a competent, well-versed advisor with first hand experience and relationships to help unwind whatever issue you are facing.

Network Research

Doctor saying you need to see a specialist? We can make sure the providers you're choosing from will be in-network and that you'll receive the highest benefit level available to you. Just let us know what kind of provider you need to see and where.

Service and Advocacy

Image by Rémi Walle

We designed our business to help employees and their families through the Employee Benefit maze. We want to be the point of contact while navigating their benefits, always there to answer any questions that may arise.

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